March 15, 2018
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Auckland-based Waste Water Transport offers excellent service at competitive prices.

With all the right equipment for the job, we’ve got bulk water carting tankers, hydro blasting units and vacuum tankers.

Building over a public drain and need council approval? You can get CCTV camera inspections from us.

Powerful vacuum tankers

The team at Waste Water Transport operate a fleet of vacuum tankers that allow us to safely and effectively do our jobs to the highest standards, including cesspit cleaning and safe liquid waste disposal.

Professional hydroblasting services

We use powerful and accurate hydroblasting equipment to ensure that no matter the root cutting, emergency spill cleaning or draining clearing service, we cause minimal environmental disturbance.

Inspecting drains through CCTV diagnosis

Waste Water Transport is the company to call for drain diagnosis, drainage plans and build over reports. Get in touch with the friendly team to book your CCTV drainage survey inspection today.


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