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February 14, 2021

Enhance your office space or classroom with high-quality acoustic panels and whiteboards…

Our whiteboard, pinboard and racking installation and maintenance services are highly sought after in the greater Auckland region.

Offering a team of professional staff for cost-effective, efficient and quality installation and repairs.

Acoustic Panel

If your classroom, office space or meeting room is too noisy and you are struggling to get your point across or be productive, installing noise reducing acoustic panels could be the answer.

Installation of whiteboards

Whiteboards and pinboards add useful display and notetaking spaces to your office or classroom, and can be installed in a number of areas including acting as sliding doors for cabinets.

Warehouse rack maintenance and repair

From scheduled racking safety audits to fast and efficient repairs, Brightwall ensures your storage and pallet racking is secure. We guarantee a safer work environment for your peace of mind.

G Force – We Assemble | We Install

January 30, 2021

For superior quality insulation installation or flat pack assembly you can rely on We Install and We Assemble – two stand out services by G Force.

Our home insulation services are so good that Bunnings NZ recommends us to all their customers nationwide.

We Assemble offers fast & affordable kitset assembly services throughout Auckland with a pick up & drop off option. All packaging is removed for free.

Insulation Installation & Supply

Is your home too cold in winter and too hot in summer? The insulation installers at We Install can help with that. We Install is proud to use Earthwool/Glasswool home insulation which is leading the way in energy efficiency.

Kitset assembly services

For cost effective flat pack assembly services, choose We Assemble. From lounge suites to spin bikes & garage racks to trampolines, We Assemble provides an Auckland-wide kitset assembly service, designed to take the hassle out of furniture assembly.

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Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you with all your installation and assembling needs.

Casa Heating

February 4, 2020

Casa Heating supplies quality electric underfloor heating systems to builders, developers and designers across Auckland

Control your electric underfloor heating system with a smart controller from Casa Heating

Underfloor thermal board insulation can be supplied with your underfloor heating system

Quality electric underfloor heating

Casa Heating supplies high-quality electric underfloor heating systems for new builds and renovations, suitable for bathrooms and kitchens and easy to install

Smart heating controllers

Casa Heating’s smart programmable controllers for underfloor heating systems allow control of temperature, on and off timing and include sensors for consistent warmth.

Thermal insulation for underfloor

Casa Heating supplies quality thermal insulation boards that can be used with electric underfloor heating systems to improved efficiency and decrease running costs.