City Garage Auckland

March 30, 2021

For more than two decades, City Garage has been serving individual owners and managers of vehicle fleets.

Keeping your vehicle safe on the road is our priority. Contact City Garage today.

For cost-effective auto servicing, warrants and car repairs, contact City Garage.

Book in for a vehicle service

Ensure your vehicle or vehicle fleet is safe on New Zealand’s roads. Book in for a full car service, or chat to our mechanics about fleet servicing today.

City Garage will issue your WOF

You can get a WOF promptly issued from our central location right in the middle of the CBD. Just drop your car off to City Garage and then pick it up after you finish work.

Efficient car repairs

Our mechanics can source spare parts to complete your car repairs while you are at work. Contact us regarding power steering repairs, transmission repairs and exhaust repairs.


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