Farmers Daughter

October 5, 2020

Book Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners to take expert care of your home garden or commercial garden.

For one-off hard landscaping, or continuous garden maintenance, contact Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners.

For a free, no-obligation gardening quote – please contact Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners.

Garden clearing services

Have the trees in your garden lost their shape? Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners specialise in complete tree management from planting and feeding through to regular tree maintenance.

Commercial garden maintenance

A well-tended commercial garden gives off a great impression to your clients and/or customers. Let Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners tidy and beautify your outdoor space each month.

Garden paving and pathways

Are you making over your outdoor area? Could your property be enhanced by a new deck, fence or pergola to give your garden more definition. Contact us today to arrange a free quote.


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