HD Housewash

April 24, 2021

HD House Wash has over 20 years’ experience in the exterior property cleaning sector so we know exactly how to treat your home.

HD House Wash safeguards your home while making it shine now and for months to come, thanks to our soft water washing techniques.

Based in West Auckland, HD House Wash offers a range of services to homeowners, property managers and real estate agents throughout Auckland.

Exterior house washing

Regular house washing from HD House Wash will ensure your house always looks great. We use environmentally friendly products and gentle techniques for a great end result.

Roofs, gutters and spouting

Rid your roof of dirt build-up, moss, mould and lichen with our roof treatment and cleaning services. Ensure you never have to worry about clogged gutters and overflowing downpipes again with spouting and gutter cleaning.

Driveways, decks and pre-paint wash

Don’t risk damage with regular water blasting – HD House Wash uses a gentle water blasting technique that is suitable for driveways, paths, decks and fences. For a thorough pre-paint treatment, we also provide water blasting paint removal.


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