Herb Merkle Jewellery

March 30, 2021

Herb Merkle Jewellery creates diamond engagement rings and mens and women’s wedding rings as well as fine jewellery.

If you have a specific design in mind our team can work to incorporate it, or include a special stone in your new piece.

Herb Merkle Jewellery has been specialising in jewellery design and manufacture for more than 40 years.

Engagement and wedding bands

Herb Merkle Jewellery creates stunning engagement rings with diamonds and other precious jewels as well as mens and women’s wedding rings. Rings can be crafted to your design.

All types of fine jewellery

Herb Merkle Jewellery creates a range of fine jewellery which can be worn for any occasion. Using the finest metals and jewels we manufacture earrings, pendants, bangle and more.

Design and manufacture

Herb Merkle Jewellery offers bespoke design services to create unique jewellery. Our team also offers antique jewellery repair and can repurpose old jewellery into new pieces.


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