Manukau Metal Polishers

September 20, 2020

From commercial parts to luxury car and boat metal polishing – Our qualified staff can do it all!

From large jobs to small across many industries, we’ve got the expertise and knowledge for all your metal polishing needs.

We offer our exceptional metal polishing services across a range of industries including dairy, home appliance, marine, food and more.

Superior metal polishing for vehicles

Bring back the sparkle and shine to your leisure craft or sports and recreational vehicle. Manukau Metal Polishers specialise in adding that extra finishing touch to your investment so you can be the envy of your friends!

Polishing metal fixtures, trophies and more

Restore your treasured valuable, metal artifacts, trophies and more with the metal polishing services of the professionals at Manukau Metal Polishing, and make your personal possessions the envy of all your friends.

Your number one choice of Auckland metal polishers

Manukau Metal Polishers currently employ approximately 30 staff at our Auckland base, including three highly trained quality control staff for final inspection.


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