The Difference Rehab

March 25, 2021

Experience what it feels like to be living again. Our private centre is judgement-free, offering support and help to all no matter your background.

Whilst treating addictions for drugs and alcohol our team can also provide help for your mental state, physical health, and overall well-being.

At The Difference we provide facilities such as yoga and meditation, counselling, daily programmes and private rooms for you to use during your stay.

Begin Your Journey Here

With the understanding that admission can sometimes be the hardest step to take we’ve made it simple with just one phone call and we’ll do the rest. Our process is created to be uncomplicated making sure you receive the correct treatment and support.

Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Our supportive team at The Difference private rehab are here to help you overcome your dependencies with comprehensive programmes and a range of useful facilities. We provide treatment for alcohol problems, drug addictions and meth rehabilitation.

About Our Treatment Programmes

Overcome addiction through our well-developed programmes. Each have been designed to suit your individual needs, everything from a week-long detox to 30-day in-depth treatment and holistic programmes that involve yoga, group therapy and counselling.


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